appearance: 10 – One in a Lifetime performance: 9 – I forgot it was a service
attitude: Beyond Description atmosphere: Total Fantasy


General Details

Was in Chicago for a few days called the agency, which is very easy to deal with,set up appointment for the next night.  Excitedly waited for Rachel to arrive, and when she did she looked incredibly awesome, heels, sexy blouse just low cut enough to reveal some of her ample cleavage, long sexy skirt, always dresses classy, yet sexy and I know what she has under that skirt, left donation on table in plain view, she knocked on door I opened up and then….

Juicy Details

Totally hot she said a quick hello and grabbed me and started to kiss me nice deep wet kisses,and touching and groping each other, she had my pants unbuttoned and unzipped and off in no time, caressing and grabbing my ass and cock making me incredibly hard.  Her lips taste great,soft silky skin,smells great,long kisses unbuttoned her blouse and started to squeeze her nice tits,feel her rock hard nipples thru her bra,grabbing and squeezing her ass,she is in incredible shape.

She had me naked in no time and her clothes were on the floor also,she then took a nice leather flogger out of her purse had me stand against the wall arch my back and stick my ass out she then worked my ass over with the flogger until it was bright red and stinging,she knows how to use it so well,she then had me get on my knees and she sat on the edge of the bed and pulled out her cock, which is exquisite,at least 8 if not 9 inches long and thick and tasty,

I started to kiss and softly and gently lick it until she was rock hard,then started to deep throat her which isn’t easy, she was gently pushing my head down her making me take her all in,she taste so good,after doing that for a while she stood up and sat in a chair and had me get over her knees,and started to slap my ass with her hand then with a paddle and told me I didn’t suck her good enough and i would have to be punished and would have to suck her again,

After making my ass bright red and sting some more I had to get back on my knees and suck her until she was satisfied and rock hard and throbbing she then had me get on the edge of the bed and pulled my legs up in the air and started to lube me up and slowly and gently penetrate me, painful at first then the pleasure sets in and she started to push in deeper and rhythmically and while fucking me had saying i was her bitch,and her slut, pinching my nipples and rubbing my cock while fucking me until i exploded all over myself,which she enjoys seeing.afterwards we cleaned up and cuddled for a while she then gave me a nice actually an awesome backrub and started playing with my ass again more dfk, licking her nipples, playing with each others cocks, mutual oral, sucking her more until i made her cum and got to taste her sweet juices, more cuddling and talking.

She is an incredible woman, intelligent, sexy, totally hot able to converse on just about any subject, leaves you feeling content and exhausted, even though my bottom was totally sore from the fucking and spankings it is so worth it.  She is highly addictive and intoxicating, will not pass up any opportunity to see her and spend as much time as possible with her when i do see her, her agency should have a very thorough screening process because not everyone should be allowed to see this treasure,