She is magic – charismatic, witty and flirtatious. You will sense Rachel’s sincerity and immense integrity. Her awareness and humble heartfelt personality is not only comfort, it’s also refreshing and leaves a silent emotion of you felling genuinely cared for and being The One.

I truly believe she was a Royal Courtesan in a past life…

Mila – Agency Owner

In combination with being a fantastic lover, a wonderful human being with a double degree in Theatre & Science, it’s just not set up for anything then great expressions and success. I feel especially comfortable when saying you will probably have The Experience of your life, whether its physical or an out of body experience.

Her reviews are legendary and I think some come to visit her just see if what they read is true and I guess they shortly realized this muse is all but fake or a made up story!

Being a vegetarian and partakes of no alcohol, smoking or drugs of any kind, you will be in the hands of a healthy body in a healthy intellectual and spiritual mind. She take the greatest care in her appearance and paying close attention to the slightest detail. Just very immuculate!

Rachel likes to entertain with the finest in sensual massage and lots of kissing. She is a passionate TOP with a vivid imagination and absolutely love role play. In BDSM she is a natural sensual but rigorous Domina.

If you as ask for a toy, I normally say she could open a toy store. Just pick and choose – it’s all there ready to play with…

Allow her to be your lover, your confidante, your muse and you too will experience The epitome of the GFE.

He is also sincere and know that thought she is a fantasy fulfiller she is still a quality human being who deservers the same respect given him. Being fresh and clean for a rendezvous is another for of respect shown his lover.

With passion for diverse culture, Rachel accepts invitations from playful and discerning gentlemen all over the globe.

Enjoy the journey!


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