You are invited to join us.


All Club Curiosity Events are on hold at present.

Open to males, females & couples, the “Curious ‘Bois’ Play Party” is limited availability.

Open to 6 – 8 discreet, screened & hygienic subs, switches, or tops.


We had a total of 11 sexy bodies entwined in June, 13 in September and 18 in November!


Will you be one of the the lucky ones in attendance, for this phenomenal experience of seduction, sensuality and exploration?


NYC … March 11th   3 – 6pm

CHICAGO   April 22nd   3 – 6pm


Host: TS Rachel Smithe (Chicago / Global)

Co-Host: Hollie of Miami

Special Guests: Kelly Johansson (Tampa), TS Alison (DC), David Williams (NYC)

Audrey David (Chicago), Captivating Cory (Fort Lauderdale), Bruno Bianchi (NYC)


Parties are only held in private & luxurious environments with all provided amenities … including sex slings.



If you wish to attend one of these events events, please contact us here.