Executive summary for non-VIPs: Book a date with Rachel whenever you have the slightest opportunity! Introduction: I have visited Rachel a number of times over the past three years, first at her wonderful spaces in Chicago and, most recently, in Kansas City. Neither time or space matter: Rachel’s artistry always results in amazing and wholly fresh experiences. There seems to be no limit to her energy and enthusiasm! 

Details: Rachel visited Kansas City for the first time in early November 2015. I relocated to KC in May 2015 so Rachel’s presence was a dream come true! I booked four hours, worried that, at the end of our rendezvous, paramedics would have to carry me from her room on a stretcher. I drove to her upscale hotel, found her room, and knocked. The door slowly opened, revealing Rachel in the fetish wear she knows I love. Rachel’s patented DFK was next, lasting a heavenly while. Her DFK’s are practically worth the price of admission by themselves! After catching up a bit — Rachel is a great conversationalist, BTW — I hopped into the shower. When I emerged, Rachel had a few little goodies waiting for me: leather cuffs that secured my hands to the top of the bathroom door, a leather collar, a Mr S Leather ball stretcher, and a blindfold. By the time she had the ball stretcher in place, I was already leaking pre cum at a good clip. Secured to the door facing the room, Rachel put her bondage skills to excellent use, tormenting, tickling, and stroking me with a variety of implements, some of which were electrified. When she applied nipple clamps, they bit my tender nubs hard. What was Rachel’s remedy for squeezed nipples? Another spectacular, long-lasting DFK! 

After riding this sensory roller coaster for a while, Rachel turned me around, cuffing me so that I faced the door. She started gently with a soft flogger, slowly building in intensity. A bit of light caning followed, with the sharp, tiny stings of the cane contrasting sharply with the flogger’s broad impacts. 

Having sufficiently tenderized my upper body, she turned her attentions toward my little sphincter ani externus. Still blindfolded, I heard the sound of a condom wrapper being ripped open, the bloop bloop of the lube applicator, and a sexy “Are you ready?” Then she eased her sizable member into place and slowly began pumping. Soon we were panting and rocking in sync, with me using my forearms to brace myself against the door for her wave after wave of enthusiastic hammering. I had never experienced anal while standing up (blindfolded), so as she built in intensity, the effect was amazing. I was sweating (and leaking) like the little pig I apparently was! 🙂 

Then, after a short break, the blindfold came off and we hit the sheets. Having Rachel tower over you from between your uplifted legs is sight you won’t soon forget! She worked me over with a variety of high- and low-tech toys. After a while, she settled on a powerful anal vibrator and then bumped the ante way up by sucking my engorged member. Huzzah! It takes me a long time to cum, so I’m sure she was getting dehydrated from the copious sucking and spitting. She then moved into a position that allowed her to still control the anal vibrator while also being able to kiss me. There’s nothing better than a Rachel kiss! While we kissed (and she vibed), I jerked myself into an explosion, the likes of which almost never roll through my loins. 

After Rachel toweled me off, it was her turn. This time I sucked on her nipples and contributed in other small ways while she jerked herself to the point of orgasm. She gave me the signal and I started sucking her cock with all the vacuum I could generate. It didn’t take long before she unloaded big time in my mouth. 

Having just run a marathon (or so it felt), we gently snuggled for a while. Then I staggered to the shower, wondering if I had enough energy left to make it to the car. Rachel has that sort of impact on a person. 🙂 We then chatted for a while longer — Rachel is definitely not a clock watcher — and I reluctantly went on my way.


Did she live up to your expectations?

Yes! And more!

Did you get anything not on the menu?

Lots of aftercare and great conversation.

Time and place of the experience

November 8th, 2015 Kansas City, USA